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The Aston Villa Chronicles 1874-1924 (and after)

The Aston Villa Chronicles 1874-1924 (and after)

An extremely well-produced and detailed two-volume history of the first 50 years of Aston Villa from John Lerwill, the Villa Club Historian. This history is told in the form of a month-by-month chronicle discussing the events at the club, drawing on contemporary reports from the era and player profiles are also included. Volume 1 covers the events from the club's formation in 1874 through to 1900 and Volume 2 covers the years 1900 to 1924. Published in 2009.
Size of each volume: 177mm x 252mm – 512 pages (Volume 1) and 469 pages (Volume 2)

Overseas Customers should note that due to the combined weight of these two books, postage charges may be considerable!

Hardback Set Price: 39.99